Our Menu is Available at both locations!

Charcuterie board for 2 or 4: $15/30

Baked Brie or Boursin cheese, water crackers, almonds, two jams/jellies, organic dates. Aged salami optional ($5).

Farmhouse Grilled Cheese w/ chips: $7

Farmhouse bread toasted and buttered before being pressed with three slices of aged NY cheddar cheese. Served with jam and chips.

Barnyard Grilled Cheese: $8

All the indulgence of the Farmhouse grilled cheese with two slices of Canadian Bacon. Served with jam and chips.

The Monte Cristo:$8

Swiss Cheese and Canadian Bacon embraced by two pieces of French Toast. Served with Maple Syrup.

Quiche: $8

A generous portion of either Broccoli and Cheddar or Spinach and Artichoke quiche. Served with chips.

Apple Butter Toast: $4

Two slices of farmhouse bread toasted and buttered before a generous helping of Bryant’s Apple Butter.

Assorted Baked Goods: $3

Muffins, Strudels and Danishes. Selection based on availability.